The company of the clients and their near & dears, the site is visited and at the occasion, the preliminary proposals are made about Office Decor or any other interior decor with the help of the specially developed and highly sophisticated software. The more refinements are made after discussion with the other team mates.

After a finalized decor plan, the detailed and almost finalized proposal is tendered to the client and his / her final requirements are invited before the finalization for implementation of the plan.When, the team of decor starts working with the project. Being aware of the modern trends and styles of the global modern and comfortable living in the Europe, Americas and rest of the developed World, we keep a closer eye on the significant changes which are affecting the office and residential decor. Though, we re well informed about the both the categories, but, typically, the specializations for both the areas of the decoration are separate. General office decor is totally different from that of reception area but that of the conference room design correlates a little to the seminar or meeting room design. Our people sit in same of the premises for a while about which they are assigned to decor and then keeping themselves abreast with the fundamental corporate culture of the office, they suggest appropriate plan for the purpose. Franchise design is a little easier to assess as they are, by contract of franchise, bound to resemble that of the Principal Office. Just a visit of the corporate Principal Office and specific design for the franchise will be clear before eye. On the other hand, bedroom decor for the children and adult couples is a distinctly different designs due to the essential variances of the furnishing for the both. But fundamental decoration of the living and drawing room has great similarities due to their paramount pivotal position in the typical home. On the other hand, Kitchen designs employ totally different thinking and due to their specific different utilization. We, proudly, offer decoration services for the home and office decor as per the international standards.